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Dr. E. I. Horvath

Dr. E. I. Horvath has a BS in Physics, a BA in Applied Mathmetics, an MS in Computer Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Engineering. She has taught college classes in programming, network administration, network security, and web design for 23 years. She is an expert programmer in Python, Java, JSP, PHP, C, C++, C# ASP.NET, HTML, and SQL. She is also an expert on Windows Server and Linux Server administration. Dr. E. I. Horvath is winner of the 2011 NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Excellence Award and the 2018 Engineers' Council Distinguished Engineering Educator Award.

Dr. E. A. Horvath

Dr. E.A. Horvath has a BS in Physics, an MS in a Physics, and a PhD in a Physics. She taught college classes in physics for over 10 years. Dr. E. A. Horvath is an expert programmer in Python, Java, HTML, and SQL. Dr. E.A. Horvath is also an expert on electromagnetism and has videoed over 70 videos and simulations on electromagnetism and many lectures on introductory nuclear physics and partical physics.