Learning IoT with Python(R) and Raspberry Pi(R)
Learning IoT Big Picture

Learning IoT with Python® and Raspberry Pi®

Learning IoT with Python and Raspberry Pi is available for order.




1. Introduction

2. Data Types

3. Conditonal Statements

4. Loops

5. Functions

6. Lists and Tuples

7. Files

8. Dictionaries and Sets

9. SQL for Database Access

10. Web Access

11. Classes

12. Threads

Appendix A Electronic Circuits

Appendix B Components and Parts


  • Color photographs and circuit diagrams
  • 300+ code listings illustrate Python programming concepts in this textbook
  • 250+ homework problems in this textbook ranging from short Python scripts to web site configuration projects
  • Circuit examples
  • Labs on measuring voltage, current, and resistance using a multimeter
  • Send a text message if the light level detected by an LDR circuit falls below a threshold
  • Send an email if motion is detected using a PIR sensor circuit
  • Use an ultrasonic sensor in a proximity alert circuit and make a phone call if an intruder gets too close
  • Use a GPS HAT to get waypoints and store them in a file
  • Use an analog to digital converter to read in data from sensors
  • Control a servo using classes
  • Upload data to the cloud
  • Control a robot using a multi-threaded application