Learning IoT with Python(R) and Raspberry Pi(R)

Student Resources


  1. Videos
    1. Pickling Lesson: How to write objects to a file and how to read objects from a file.
    2. sets Lesson: How to write code which uses sets and set methods union, intersection, and minus as will as pickling is examined.
    3. Function Lesson: How to write a Python function that returns nothing meaningful and a function that returns more than one object. These concepts are illustrated by a program that predicts the velocity, distance traveled, and acceleration of a car from the time to go from 0 to 60 mph.
    4. SSH Lesson: How to use SSH, the Secure Shell, to remotely control a Raspberry Pi is explained. A Python script on the remote Raspberry Pi is run that gets the humidity from a Sense HAT and a message is scrolled on the Sense HAT.
    5. Introduction to Python objects: Five data types are introduced and the three features of Python objects- value, type, and identity- are explained. In addition, how to use built-in functions to determine the type and identity of a Python object is illustrated. It is shown how to call the methods and access the data descriptors of an object.
    6. Printing out in Python: In this video, you will learn how to use the print() function to print out strings, floating-point numbers, integers, and the values of variables. In addition, you will learn how to use escape characters to print out a newline, a tab, a double quotation mark, a single quotation mark, and a backslash.
  3. Suppliers
    1. Adafruit Industries
    2. Parallax Inc.
    3. Sparkfun Electronics®
  5. Services
    1. IFTTT Inc.
    2. Twilio Inc.
  7. Servers
    1. The Apache HTTP Server™
    2. MySQL Server
    3. vsftpd secure FTP server