Learning IoT with Python(R) and Raspberry Pi(R)



The very nature of IoT (Internet of Things) requires a knowledge of a programming language, electronic circuits, and networking in order to interface with the physical world and networking platforms. IoT has been called the next Industrial Revolution. Learning IoT with Python and Raspberry Pi provides a holistic approach to learning IoT. The Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive, single board computer which has GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins, to which you can connect jumper wires to control circuits, making it an ideal device for implementing IoT projects. Learning IoT with Python and Raspberry Pi has been well received in academia and the workplace.


Chapter 1 Introduction +

Chapter 2 Data Types +

Chapter 3 Conditional Statements +

Chapter 4 Loops

Chapter 5 Functions +

Chapter 6 Lists and Tuples

Chapter 7 Files

Chapter 8 Dictionaries and Sets

Chapter 9 SQL for Database Access

Chapter 10 Web Access

Chapter 11 Classes

Chapter 12 Threads

Appendix A Electronic Circuits

Appendix B Components and Partseads




Learning IoT with Python and Raspberry Pi Book Cover

Learning IoT with Python® and Raspberry Pi® is available at Barnes & Noble.    "This impressive 760-page epic has been created by accomplished academics to provide a complete course that goes from your first line of code to creating real-life Internet of Things projects." --The MagPi Magazine